Creating an Account

It's so easy to create an account. You can even create one without entering any payment details!
  1. Go to our Create Account page to fill in your details.

  2. Select your plan and enter your credit card details if prompted.

Don't know what plan you need? Just select FREE for your 30 day trial.

If you are a school and don't want to pay via credit card or would like a large number of logins, get in touch.

Account Roles

Once you have created an account, you become the account Owner. This means you are able to create accounts for Teachers.

There are four different account roles: Owner, Manager, Admin and Teacher. Here is a summary of what each role is able to do:






Manage Account Plan

Manage multiple Schools

Manage a School

Manage Teachers

Manage Classes/Groups

Manage Children

Manage Profile Images (for children)

Access Meet the Letterlanders

Access Phonics Readers

Access Phonics Games

Access the Teacher Toolkit