Teacher Toolkit

Downloadable resources to support fidelity and tools to cut down classroom management time such as assessments to accompany your Teacher's Guide, Unit Activities and Classroom Demo videos

Letterland Directory

The Letterland Directory of Phonics Characters and Stories is the ultimate who’s who guide in Letterland. You will be able to read all the abbreviated pictogram stories in one place. The stories are grouped by sound– remember to use the helpful audio buttons to remind you of the correct sound.

Classroom Demo Videos

Available for customers with location US only.

Watch these classroom demonstration videos to get an idea of what a Letterland lesson looks like from start to finish. The videos are a demonstration only so please remember that you can tailor the content of your lesson plan to suit your classroom management style in whole class or small group work. If you would like further help on implementing Letterland in your classroom please contact [email protected]


To make it easier for you to monitor the progress of your class, download the assessments in excel or pdf format. You have permission to download and make copies of these pages for use in your school only.

Teacher Resources

To help you deliver a Letterland lesson, access this comprehensive bank of Letterland resources. You ‍‍‍have permission to download and make copies of ‍‍‍these pages for use in your school only.